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Council Housing - Annual Report 2022-2023

09/11/2023 - Council Housing - Annual Report 2022-2023

Report of the Portfolio Holder for Housing and Planning. Set out the detail informing the production of the Councils Annual Report for council housing tenants’ (2022/23). Highlighted to Cabinet the Regulatory Social Housing’s requirements in relation to the Council’s stock retained service and the findings of the Regulator of Social Housing’s Consumer Regulation Review 2022/23.




that Cabinet




Approved the draft `Council Housing Tenants Annual Report 2022/23` for circulation to all Council tenants via the Council’s website as required by the Regulator for Social Housing, to support effective scrutiny by tenants of their landlord’s performance. Appendix A.




Delegated authority to the Portfolio Holder for Housing and Planning to make the final amendments to the draft Council Housing Tenants Annual Report 2022/23, prior to digital circulation to Council tenants.




Acknowledged findings contained within the Consumer Regulation Review 2022/23. Appendix B.




(Moved by Councillor S Smith and seconded by Councillor P Thompson)