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Social Housing Regulation and Compliance - Council Housing

11/08/2023 - Social Housing Regulation and Compliance - Council Housing

Report of the Portfolio Holder for Homelessness Prevention and Social Housing To update Cabinet on the requirements of the consumer regulation agenda significantly impacting the Councils Housing Service, previously reported on 10/11/22 and set out the resourcing arrangements over the next 2-years to fulfil the Councils’ obligations to meet the required regulatory standards across its housing stock including collation and submission of the 22 Tenant Satisfaction Measures required by the Regulator of Social Housing from April 2023/2024.



That Cabinet



Acknowledged the findings of the Internal Audit report (February 2023) giving       Audit & Governance Scrutiny Committee substantial assurance that the Councils preparedness for the proposed legislation is robust



Agreed that Homelessness Prevention & Social Housing Sub Committee will debate progress of the Councils preparedness for the Social Housing (Regulation) legislation and that this will inform policy proposals to Cabinet on overall compliance; further noting that the co-opting of members of Tenant Consultative Group is being built into the next Constitutional review.



Agreed to delegate the final detail and submission (including the Tenant perception         measures) to the Portfolio Holder of Homeless Prevention and Social Housing to         ensure collation (from April 2023) & formal submission (in April 2024) as required             under the Regulators directions using the Regulatory portal



Supported feedback from Corporate Scrutiny on 14/3/23 & Homelessness Prevention & Social Housing Sub Committee on 16/2/23, resulting in a             proposed Programme/Project plan (shown at Annex Two) that will replace the raw detail in the improvement plan previously shared & developed to ensure it is     SMART , appropriately rated so that progress is clear and that the improvement plan is simplified for easy reference publicly. 



(Moved by Councillor A Farrell and seconded by Councillor R Pritchard)