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Agenda item

Civil Parking Enforcement - Review Recommendations of the Staffordshire County Council Cabinet Member for Economy, Environment and Transport

(Report Attached)


Report presented by R Rayson


County Councillor B Jenkins asked for clarity on report as presented and R Rayson outlined the background to the CPE Review, the consultation done to look at sustainability of the service, strengths and weaknesses and if the objects of Clear Streets have been met.


The recommendation endorsed by Joint Parking Board in July 2014 to seek to go on with the service for on-street enforcement across the whole of the County with Stoke on Trent parking Services from April 2015.


Current arrangement for on-street enforcement to end on 31 March 2015.


The new ways of working with one operator allow further benefits to be considered with the new partnership with AMEY and the current deficit to the service across Staffordshire of £230,000 is not sustainable


R Rayson continued to emphasise the County would seek local service provision (although the contractor is based out of the Borough) and during the mobilisation stage, the Borough would continue to have input into the service and offer assistance to ease the transition.


It was confirmed that the current Local Parking Committee managed by Tamworth Borough Council will cease.


County Councillors will now have the opportunity to prioritise 6 new Traffic Regulation orders per year in addition to the Divisional Highways programme. 


County Councillor M Greatorex asked A Barratt for some feedback and he reminded the committee that when reference is made to civil enforcement this is for on-street only and that arrangements were now in place for the current Street Wardens (rebranded as Community Wardens) will undertake enforcement on TBC car parks from April 2015 and effectively TBC officers will no longer have involvement in on-street matters.


It was clear, however that during the transition a clear communication plan should be put in place and processes developed with the County to ensure understanding from the public.


County Councillor B Jenkins confirmed that whilst he understood that the £230,000 deficit to the service was not sustainable, it was concerning that Tamworth appears to be losing local control.


Councillor Standen expressed similar concern and requested that thought be given to a similar body constituted for local Borough Councillor input on parking concerns.


County Councillor Greatorex confirmed understanding at that this would be a matter for Tamworth Borough Council to discuss and decide the best way forward as the present constituted LPC would cease.


R Rayson assured the group that during the review period, the level of on-street enforcement in Staffordshire equated to 15 FTE staff and that this would not change beyond April 2015 with an agile workforce based on demand and making use of new technology.


County Councillor Greatorex asked if the Committee were ready to agree to the recommendations of the report and outlined them.


Agreed that no comment had been made about the Clear Streets policy and that currently things are in flux with negotiations continuing.


Mr Barratt suggested that during the transition any CPE concerns should continue to be forwarded to himself or Mrs Sands to feed in to the process to influence the delivery of the service to benefit of Tamworth.


R Rayson stressed that the County wish to continue to work closely with Tamworth to oversee it.


It was further agreed that a mechanism must be developed to ensure Borough Councillors were aware of areas that were being prioritised for Traffic orders before final consultation stage for the good of the town – maybe through the Members Bulletin.



That the recommendations as contained in the report be endorsed.


(Moved by Councillor M Oates and seconded by Councillor P Standen)


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