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Agenda item

To receive any announcements from the Mayor, Leader, Members of the Cabinet or the Chief Executive


The Mayor reminded council members of the Tony Christie Charity Concert on Saturday 10th February to raise funds for Dementia Charities in Tamworth. 


Also, an invitation has been sent for the Mayors Civic Ball on Friday 8th March to raise funds for the Mayors chosen charities.


The Leader made the following announcement.


Firstly, I would like to update the council that we are moving to an exciting new phase on the future High Street fund delivery.  We are due to have some new graphics put on the hoardings in the town centre so that any one passing by  can see what I happening or due to happen.  And form the old Christophers down to the Pound Bakery demolition is imminent so people will start to see some positive action in the Town Centre. 


In the council before Christmas, I announced it was my intention to look to form a coalition with Tamworth Independent Futures Group.  Cllr Cook and I have had some very good conversations with a lot of good will and a lot of common ground between us, but we have not been able to reach an agreement.  There is no ill will at all, and we will both continue to deliver for Tamworth.  No ill will but no agreement reached. 


Councillor Tina Clements made the following announcement


I think we all agree it would be remiss if one of us didn’t stand up and mention Ben Newman, Ben AKA Spudman the TikTok sensation that he is.  As we all know he held an event in the town centre on Saturday and I think those of us that visited the Town centre could certainly see the appeal of Spudman and his band of spud army not just in Tamworth across the world it would seem there were visitors from Malaysia and Dubai and I think we can certainly say that he is a smash hit through all of his TikTok videos.  I think we can all agree that the event was a great attraction for Tamworth it wasn’t a council initiative, but it certainly bought people into the Town centre. He also set up a go fund me page for kidney research and most of us will know that Ben as had kidney surgery, so I am hoping he as raised quite a bit.  The town centre was full the pubs were brimming the traders were selling out.  If you walked down market street although they said there was a bit of a que at first it soon moved so that people could get through.  The Castle Hotel was fully booked, Christophers fully booked so again it bought a lot of people into the town and behalf of everyone here we would like to wish him all the best in his recovery because we know he’s been doing things that he shouldn’t be doing, and he needs now to rest and recuperate.  And who knows Mr Mayor perhaps you could be the next Tik Tok sensation.


Councillor A Cooper made the following announcement:


I would like to announce that are a few changes in Portfolio in Cabinet, the events are going to be handed over to my colleague Cllr T Clements. 
that then leaves me to focus on Leisure Strategy for our amazing town.  Part of that will be building a strategy ready for the Tamworth of tomorrow to give a nice strategy review to look at needs and requirements for this town and its people so we can deliver a leisure strategy for the people of today and tomorrow.  This as to be fit for the town it as to be fit for what is required for the town it as to be affordable, we don’t want to fall into the trap of some neighbouring authorities where we overspend and we end up in a bit of sticky situation.  We are going to make it affordable and the prime example of this is what already going to be kicking off with the new 3G football pitch in amington it is a fantastic addition to our town, spike in funding as been met by the FA we haven’t had to dig into our own pockets.  Majority of the funding is coming through the FA we should be seeing external funding coming into our town to give us some great facilities this will allow us to expand out football reach to allow more teams thew ability to come and play at some fantastic facilities in Amington. 



Councillor M Summers made the following announcement:


We along with other organisations in Tamworth put in a bid to the County Council for a fund called Covid Outbreak Management Fund all bids submitted to the County Council for that fund have been approved, which is absolutely great news and the total approved is £251,342.00 and some of the projects that Tamworth Borough council will be delivering with the money are


Funding for an empty homes officer to inform the council approach around bringing empty homes back into use.  Obviously, we hear rumblings that we have empty properties lying around that we should be utilizing for people who need them and that is funded up to September 2024


Cooking lessons within supported housing for vulnerable tenants


De-humidifiers for private sector housing to assist damp, mould concerns reported


Contribution to expand the current free holiday activities manged by Tamworth Borough Council


Restart of a move on support budget for rough sleepers


Top up funding for the eco flex scheme to ensure vulnerable applicants can be assisted where the grant provided does not quite meet the full cost of home energy upgrade efficiency measures.  


 So, all the projects listed there must be completed by 30th September 2024.  There are others that partners have put in for example Belgrave allotments got a composting toilet and that’s some good news as my colleague said bringing external funding into our town is important at times like this to get some good projects on the go and that’s just a selection of what we are doing with the money.