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Agenda item

To receive any announcements from the Mayor, Leader, Members of the Cabinet or the Chief Executive


The Mayor Councillor J Harper made the following announcement


Mayors Christmas Carol Service on 15th and 16th December.  I would like to invite Councillors to a reception in the Town Hall on 16th December prior to the Carol Service.


Also draw your attention to a Mayoral Concert on February 10that Tamworth Assembly Rooms featuring Tony Christie.  Tickets will go on sale soon and the proceeds will be raising funds for Dementia charities in Tamworth.


I am looking to organise a Quiz and tours of Tamworth Castle Church and Town Hall are also being arranged. 


The Leader of the Council Councillor P Turner made the following announcement


On this auspicious occasion I am announcing that I do intend to step down as Leader of the Conservative Group and as Leader of this Council at the end of this evenings meeting.  I’ve had many changes and extra demands on family and work over the last few months so I need to refocus and realign.  But I would like to say its bee a great honour to work with these guys and you guys over the last 6 months.  You haven’t seen the last of me and I shall be sitting on the back seats. 


The Leader of the Opposition Councillor C Dean made the following announcement. 


I would like to say what a pleasure it as been to work with Councillor Turner over the past few months the interaction between the two parties have been really good and I hope that that continues whoever becomes the Leader. 


Councillor C Bain made the following announcement


I do want to reenforce what Cllr Dean as said.  I think that what it has done as produced an atmosphere where we can collaborate together than we could previously, I think it has been a mature set of politics and I’m sorry you are stepping down but I do wish you well in the future and I’m sure your business will go from strength to strength.


Councillor D Cook made the following announcement. 


Just to echo what others have said, I would like to thank Cllr turner for his service to this council.  Obviously, I have sat in his shoes and I know what it is like to surrender the leadership and it’s not an easy decision.  Glad you got to do it better than I did, we were in the middle of covid and I had to do it on Teams.  Thank you for your service. 


Councillor Kingstone made the following announcement.


It a great shame to see Cllr Turner is standing down, and as one of the lone independents it’s been a pleasure to be able to work with Cllr Turner in his role as leader, he has served this town well for the past 6 months that he has been the Leader of Tamworth and he has served from my perspective and I don’t know about from anybody else’s he has put this town on a serious track where we are going to see wonderful events and some wonderful changes take place for the real benefit of the people of Tamworth over the coming months and years and I only hope that the Conservative group can find somebody of equal stature to fill Cllr Turner’s shoes.


Councillor A Cooper made the following announcement. 


I would like to go on record to say thank you to my colleague Cllr Turner for all that he’s done for me personally and for us.  This is the kind of man Cllr turner is.   I turned up to a meeting ‘ex service man’ forgot my poppy, I was in a rush sat sown next to Paul and the first thing he did was took his spare poppy off his coat and gave it to me, and that for me is the mark of a man who would never see any one of us struggling at all and can I say my heartfelt thanks for everything you have done and I wish you well for the future and I know you wont be a stranger and that you will always be in and around and will be ringing me 14 times a day even from the back benches but it is welcome. 


Councillor P Thompson made the following announcement.


I just want to re-iterate on what everybody else as said as I enjoyed the 6 months working on the Cabinet with Paul.  He is a man of morality and absolutely as Tamworth at his heart and I just thank him for everything that he has done for me. 


Councillor J Wadrup made the following announcement.


I echo what everybody else as said but Paul as checked in with me regularly and after meetings when he’s seen I’m a bit down he will take time out to phone me and phoned me the following day and as been a massive support and is a great loss to Tamworth in his stepping down as leader and hope who takes his place as the same stature and morality that he as got. 


Cllr T Jay made the following announcement. 


As Deputy leader I have worked very closely with Paul more than anyone really and it has been a pleasure and you should be proud and every decision you have done and been doing as been for one reason and one reason only to make Tamworth a better place so you can go with your head held high. 


Cllr S Smith made the following announcement


I would like to echo on what everyone as said.  He is a decent human being and his main focus as always been collaborative approach which you know I appreciate trying to take everybody that might have a different opinions which obviously clearly  as a lot of people do and try and bring everyone together and I have massively appreciated working with you.


The Mayor Councillor J Harper made the following announcement


My dealings with Cllr Turner have always been extremely, courteous and helpfulness.  He is a man of integrity and a man of Tamworth and I am sure that we all agree that during his 6 months leadership he has proved himself to be a man of honour and a thoroughly decent bloke and I think on behalf of everyone thank you Councillor Turner we will miss you. 


The Leader Councillor P Turner replied


Thank you for that everybody it is humbling, thank you.  You are right moving on always a good challenge always difficult to move on I have only been in politics for 18 months, but it as been a nice journey, a great journey, I have worked with some fantastic people and learnt lots and lots of stuff

and I know that all of us round this table have got Tamworth at heart and I know its going to go from strength-to-strength you guys are just talented.  One thing that I did omit to announce was that I am announcing a new Portfolio Holder, Cllr Clements as the Civic Pride and Engagement Portfolio.   So, I welcome you to the team or my successors team.  Thank you everybody much appreciated.