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Agenda item

Quarter One 2021/22 Performance Report

(Report of the Leader of the Council)



The Chair welcomed the Leader of the Council to present the report, the Leader introduced the Chief Executive and the Knowledge, Performance and Insight Coordinator to the meeting for this item which was for the Committee to receive a performance update and financial health check for Quarter 1, prior to the Report of the Leader of the Council being presented to Cabinet at its meeting on 9th September 2021.


The Leader introduced the report and highlighted that:

·         Reset & Recovery project is on track and was agreed by Cabinet on 29th July 2021, the budget for which will be requested at full Council on 25th August

·         The report details other Corporate projects and members will have noted that Covid 19 is detailed as the reason for slippage with some projects but they are now on track to catch up and deliver.

·         Universal Credit figures are detailed in the report in terms of the number of claimants and the number of claimants who are housing tenants.  The impact of the end of furlough scheme may have some impact.

·         Future High Street Fund project on track.  Early Planning applications should start to appear at in the near future.

·         Gungate Master Plan included in the report.  A report is included on o Cabinet on 9th September involving working with a Partner if this is supported this will have a positive impact on progress. 

·         Medium Term Financial Strategy –flag to members that on 13th September there is a budget consultation session for members. 


The Committee sought clarifications in the following areas:


·         Rent arrears of tenants on universal credit have increased from 47% -63%.  Leader clarified that universal credit is very sensitive to change.  Quarter 1 rent arrears are usually higher as the budget  for rent for 52 weeks but rent is collected in 48 weeks and if anyone is in rent arrears they can use the ‘rent holiday’ weeks to catch up there will always be a slight reduction in rent arrears in Q4. 

·         Town Centre Project – Police Station on the plans for the building.  Owners have had informal discussion with planning team keen to pursue residential use of the site.  This would not alter the master plan. 

·         The process of the sale of the Youth Centre and Tamworth Youth Charity and their stake in the building. The Leader clarified that the agreement was that the youth centre receipt will be used the provision of youth activities. The Leader will circulate the figures and documents with more details. 

·         Amington Local Centre- this is the area designated on the former Golf Course development.  Obligation under 106 agreement that the site is developed out as a local centre within the next 5 years. 

·         Masterplan and timescales, potential partnership arrangement will drive forward and ensure progression and contribute to the housing allocation.  Still looking at a mixed economy with commercial and leisure.   Things are progressing.  Future High Street Fund is progressing with a deadline of March 2024.  

·         Customer portal still being tested and as part of the Reset & Recovery the digital access is being enhanced. 

·         Solway Trading Company, not moving forward the Leader to forward a detailed answer to Committee members

·         Future High Street Fund update on the outcome of the college.  Due to sensitive information the Chief Executive will forward a detailed answer to Committee members

·         Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme figures are 100k more with less claimants is that due to the fact that council tax has gone up. The Leader will provide a response. 

·         Leader clarified that with Write Off’s the Council as exhausted all ways to claim the money back. 

·         Committee discussed the council’s loans and investments.  It was agreed that Councillor S Pritchard will contact the Director – Finance and bring response back to the Committee





That the Committee



endorsed the contents of the report.



(Moved by Councillor R Ford and seconded by Councillor S Goodall)


Supporting documents: