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Agenda item

Quarter Four 2020/21 Performance Report

(Report of the Leader of the Council)


The Chair welcomed the Leader of the Council, the Executive Director, Finance and the Knowledge, Performance and Insight Coordinator to the meeting for this item which was for the Committee to receive a performance update and financial health check for Quarter 4, prior to the Report of the Leader of the Council being presented to Cabinet at its meeting on 8th July 2021.


The Leader of the Council introduced the report and highlighted that:

·       This year would be a difficult year to compare to other years given the pandemic;

·       Seen an increase in benefit claims and changes in circumstances;

·       Council tax recovery had been strong at 97.4%;

·       There had been a reduction in rent arrears;

·       Detailed overview of Write Offs position and that there had been changes in how these had been managed during the pandemic;

·       In terms of the Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) the finance team had regularly updated both Cabinet members and Government on predicted outturn over three and five years.


The Committee sought clarifications in the following areas:

  • Corporate Capital Strategy and whether there was a further update to the timescales.  It was reported that this had been affected by a delay in the Asset management Strategy, which was now expected to be completed in December 2021.
  • The reasons for the difference between period 11(£1.4m) and period 12 (£2.2m) in the final outturn figure.  The Executive Director reported that there were two reasons for this; partly due to COVID related factors in terms of the uncertainty due to COVID in terms of appeals on business rates which increased the provision the council needed to make (c £500,000) and the second was due to the sales, fees and charges scheme and the claim in this regard was higher (c£200,000).
  • Discretionary Housing payments and how these were assessed.  The Executive Director Finance agreed to provide a written update to members on this;
  •  ICT Strategy.  An update on the supplier issues was requested as well as clarification of the project due date.  It was agreed that an update would be provided.
  • Organisational Development Strategy. Clarification of the project due date was requested and it was agreed that this would be provided.
  • It was confirmed that the retail unit at Tinkers Green / Kerria had been let.
  • Town Centre Programme.  The Committee sought further details on the position with regard to the Car Parking Strategy and the Market re-tender, particularly in light of the successful award of the Future High Streets Fund, and whether this would impact on any award.  In particular the Committee sought assurances that if an award in any market re-tender was made it would still met the aspirations set out in the tender and would align with the wider strategy.  It was agreed that full response would be provided.
  • Gateway Development.  Further details on whether this project could ahead before the wider Future High Street Fund development of the proposed new college site was requested and it was agreed that an update would be provided.
  • Acquisitions. The positive benefits of the council acquiring properties to support people in suitable temporary accommodation was highlighted.
  • Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG).  The Committee questioned how the Tamworth DFG grant from Government was calculated.  It was noted that the funds were passported via Staffordshire County Council and amounted to £546,000 which was less than half of that received by other District Councils in Staffordshire.  It was noted reported that the allocation was based on an outdated historic allocation formula and that significant representations had been made by not only the Council but also by National bodies representing District Councils (District Council Network, Local Government Associations etc.) as well as representation to the MP.  Members asked for a report setting out the position for consideration at the August meeting of the Committee (including details of representations made to date and any further information available on the basis of the historic allocation) – to inform their considerations in developing proposals for Cabinet.


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