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Agenda item

To receive any announcements from the Mayor, Leader, Members of the Cabinet or the Chief Executive


The following announcements were made


Mayor R Kingstone


“I have a couple of announcements before I ask the Leader or the Chief Executive or Members of the Cabinet to speak. This is in light of the current situation that we face at the moment. The dreadful Coronavirus COVID-19 Situation to date in Tamworth. We have seen at least 60 deaths and we have several hundred of our residents who have suffered with coronavirus over recent months, so I would like to pause for a minute silence to acknowledge the loss that our town has had to face over the past weeks. So I'm going to switch my microphone off and I'm going to pause for one minute.


I hope Fellow Councillors will join with me as a mark of respect to those that have sadly lost their lives or who have lost relatives over the recent crisis.”


One minute Silence Was observed


“Thank you very much Councillors, thank you for joining me and observing that one minute silence so we'll go back to agenda item 4 which is to receive any announcements. Now I'm just looking at the chat and we have the Leader of the Council who wishes to speak.”


Councillor D Cook


“Thank you Mr Mayor, two very quick points for me.


With your permission I would like to take this opportunity to request that as one of your final acts of mayor of Tamworth Borough is to officially write to the staff of the Council and key figures in our voluntary sector who have gone above and beyond during the pandemic and lock down to ensure vulnerable residents have not been left behind and the services have continued. I'll pause there if you want to respond to that Mr Mayor.”


Mayor R Kingstone


“Thank you very much Councillor Cook It gives me great pleasure to agree to that request, I in fact already this afternoon have started drafting the letters to go out, which tie in really rather nicely with the Be Tamworth or Be kind campaign that was launched so I can announce this evening that all Council employees and as many of the voluntary sector and individuals across our town who have given so much to our community over recent months, will not only be receiving a letter from myself but will also be receiving one of the Be kind Be Tamworth badges as well to recognise in just a small way the achievements and the sacrifices they've made to help so many out.”


Councillor D Cook


“Thank you Mr Mayor, Just quickly go to my second one. It is worth noting that this is Councillor Jeremy Oates 21st Mayor making as an elected member continuously and Councillor John Faulkner’s 23rd. I would just ask whatever your political colours, can you find a moment when possible to thank them, that is a lot of public service.”


Mayor R Kingstone


“Absolutely Councillor Cook and as Mayor the achievements of those two individuals not only for their length of service but for the decades of combined service to our town that they have given and the achievements that they have made deserves recognition from all of us as fellow Councillors. Thank you both for your service to our community and to our amazing town. Councillor Cook Did you want to say anything else?”


Councillor D Cook


“No thank you Mr Mayor, Just quite interesting that I'm 44 years old and you add those two terms of service so that adds up to my age. It’s an interesting thought. Thank you Mr Mayor.”



Chief Executive Andrew Barratt


“Thank you Mr Mayor. Just like to add my own thanks and appreciation to all of our staff, many as you know have been working from home and equally those that cannot work from home and have been continuing with their duties outside.


Everyone has done their best to ensure our services have been delivered where they are most needed. It has been and, it still is, a very difficult and challenging time but my heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every one of our wonderful employees. Thank you Mr Mayor.”


Councillor Dr S Peaple



“Thank you Mr Mayor. I agree with what Councillor Cook has said and can I add my congratulations to Councillor Jeremy Oates and Councillor John Faulkner for their length of service. It’s been fantastic and as Councillor Cook says he's young enough to almost match them in years but not in years of service so it's wonderful he remembered them.


Can I also echo what he said about the voluntary sector? Many of you will know that the Tamworth self-isolation support group brought together a lot of charities. Some of you may have noticed the coverage of Councillor Brindley in the Herald who has done a fantastic job to lead it and it's been a huge pleasure to work with him. That group brought together support Staffordshire, Tamworth Food Bank, The Heart of Tamworth, The Number Eight Charity, Home Start and the council staff, and I think it's a very good opportunity in the circumstances to allow me to just say thank you to them. In particular, Claire who I've dealt with most often directly, because she was helping up at the Food Depot but all the many people and I know that you will be acknowledging them in your letters and I really appreciate that you're doing that because when it comes from you as the first citizen of the town it shows them that extra effort that they went to is matched by your understanding and appreciation.


Thank you Mr Mayor to both the staff and the volunteers. It was something we achieved by working together.”



Councillor R Kingstone


“Thank you Councillor People that is some excellent words that you have said that can only be echoed by everybody in the virtual chamber tonight. The service given by so many over recent weeks has being absolutely incredible and we all here tonight. Thank you for your service.


Moving on unless we have any of the Cabinet members who wish to speak I'm just looking at the chat. No we don’t. So I have one more item as is customary every Mayor has a cadet and the cadet is taken from one of the service or youth service organisations in our town and this past year it has been my great honour to have alongside me at many of the official functions, a young man who I have known for many years, Jacob Waugh, He's a senior Army cadet and he has proved himself worthy of his service to our community. He has been superb. He is a fine young man who I had the pleasure of teaching when he was at school and then imagine how chuffed I was when he became the Mayor’s cadet. So Jacob thank you very much, I know there's a certificate on its way to you after tonight's meeting and as is the custom, a new Mayor’s cadet will be chosen for the incoming year and whether that will be tonight or in the future when time allows, I will await the announcement of the new cadet. But Jacob Waugh thank you so much for your service to your town you've been a credit to every young person going. Thank you for that.”