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Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 231 KB


The Minutes of the previous meeting held on 20th January 2021 were approved as a correct record.


(Moved by Councillor A Farrell and seconded by Councillor Dr S Peaple)


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of Members’ interests (personal and/or personal and prejudicial) in any matters which are to be considered at this meeting.


When Members are declaring a personal interest or personal and prejudicial interest in respect of which they have dispensation, they should specify the nature of such interest.  Members should leave the room if they have a personal and prejudicial interest in respect of which they do not have a dispensation. 




There were no declarations of interest.


Update from the Chair

To receive an update from the Chair.


The Chair reported that he expected to bring the Committee’s draft Annual Scrutiny report to the March meeting for comment, following which it was expected that the report would be presented to a Council meeting towards the start of the new municipal year.  


The Chair reported that the CIL Spending report would be considered by this Committee at its March meeting before consideration by Cabinet at its meeting in April 2021.


Responses to Reports of the Infrastructure Safety & Growth Committee

Update on responses received to Reports of the Infrastructure Safety & Growth Committee.




Consideration of Matters referred to the Infrastructure Safety & Growth Committee from Cabinet or Council

(Discussion item)




2020/21 Forward Plan

(Discussion item – link to Forward Plan is attached)



There were no further items identified for this Committee’s consideration.


CCTV Implementation review

(CCTV Shared Service Presentation)


The Chair reminded members that this Committee had considered the implementation of the CCTV review in January 2020 and at that point had requested that a post implementation review be brought back to this Committee in around 12 months time.  The Chair introduced the Portfolio Holder for Regulatory and Community Safety, the Assistant Director, Neighbourhoods, the Head of Housing Management & Neighbourhood Resilience and the Head of Safety, Security and Emergency Planning at West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) (Mr Mark Babington).


The Assistant Director, Neighbourhoods provided an overview of the strategic objectives for the CCTV review and the partner role that CCTV played, together with other partners, in supporting the Tamworth Community Safety Plan, as well as an overview of the first 12 month delivery plan, the cross border collaboration, the digital access for the police and the capital upgrade which had been accelerated.


The Head of Housing Management confirmed that the shared service launched on 30 March 2020, at the start of the first lockdown, on budget and on time. 


Further detail was provided to the Committee on the following areas:


·       Better value for money – during year one savings remained on track to meet the expected £500,000 savings over five years.

·       Improved and modernised service - the camera system had been reviewed and a new privacy impact assessment completed.  The system was reported to be fully compliant with the Surveillance Camera Commissioners Code of Practice.

·       Dedicated Tamworth operators, and the development of local intelligence – both initial and ongoing training for dedicated operators was undertaken to train operatives to build up their local knowledge as well as their knowledge of local services provided in respect of on call directors and facilitating access to the Castle toilets.

·       Investment in the CCTV camera and infrastructure upgrade accelerated the majority of the cameras were upgraded in the first year and those remaining were expected to be upgraded early in the second year.

·       Improved digital connectivity with the police – a digital link to facilitate efficient police access had been installed which was largely funded by the PCC, with the potential for an additional local access point in Tamworth to be installed subject to funding agreement.

·       Intelligence led approach – a quarterly report process had been developed to identify and monitor trends and key geographic locations which could help inform wider community benefits.

·       CCTV monitoring data intelligence – where it was reported that whilst the period, due to lockdown, had not been a typical period, the new service had identified key hotspot areas, where incidents and activities identified included anti-social behaviour, assault, medical issues and rough sleepers.  In terms of activity, incidents were highest on Friday, Saturday and Sundays, requests from the police averaged 30 footage requests per quarter, whilst there were 25 camera faults per month these were all resolved within 48 hours.

·       Camera and platform recording quality – the upgraded equipment had delivered significantly better image quality and better data, and together with that it was reported that the cameras  ...  view the full minutes text for item 41.


The Future Provision of the Dry Recycling Service - Update and Preliminary Options Appraisal pdf icon PDF 220 KB

(Report of the General Manager of the Joint Waste Service)

Additional documents:


The Chair welcomed the Portfolio Holder for Environment and Culture, the Chief Executive and the General Manager of the Waste Management Service to the meeting.  The Portfolio Holder introduced the report which aimed to update the Committee on the current position on waste management and to present some of the emerging options for the future provision of the dry recycling service.


The General Manager of the Joint Waste Service reported that in August 2020, the Tamworth and Lichfield Joint Waste Committee had endorsed the approach agreed by the councils’ respective Cabinets to:

·        consider a contract extension with the existing provider,

·        undertake a formal re procurement exercise, and

·        have discussions with Staffordshire County Council in their capacity as the Waste Disposal Authority (WDA).

It was reported that there were six Staffordshire Waste Collection Authorities, including Tamworth Borough Council and Lichfield District Council, whose dry mixed recycling (DMR) contracts will expire in March 2022. It was further reported that the market for processing DMR had shifted dramatically, in particular in respect of a shift to a dual stream collection with separate fibre (paper and card) collection.  An extension to the existing DMR contract had been ruled out on the grounds of cost and risk, and as a consequence work had been undertaken to produce framework contracts and tender documents for both commingled and dual stream options. The evaluation process was expected to be completed towards the end of February.  In addition consideration of transferring disposal responsibility to the County Council had been explored, and the potential benefits and costs considered.

The soft market testing undertaken had indicated some changes to how dry recycling service was delivered which could impact on the equipment and potentially the vehicles currently used by districts / boroughs, which had added some time pressure, given long lead times to procure. Consequently to support in the required decision making process, a preliminary options appraisal had been undertaken and the six options identified were presented to the Committee:

1)     Retain commingled collections and responsibility for disposal.

2)     Retain commingled collections and transfer responsibility for disposal to the County Council.

3)     Introduce dual stream collections using an additional bin for paper/cardand retain responsibility for disposal.

4)     Introduce dual stream collections using an additional bin for paper/cardand transfer responsibility for disposal to the County Council.

5)     Introduce dual stream collections using a bag for paper/card and retain responsibility for disposal.

6)     Introduce dual stream collections using a bag and transfer responsibility for disposal to the County Council.

The General Manager outlined the key risks and benefits of each option including considerations such as collection frequency, operational costs, gate fees, expected residents’ views, relative equipment costs, and sought feedback from the Committee on the options presented.

The Chief Executive reported that the pending National Resource and Waste Strategy made this a challenging time to be re-procuring and that a letter to Government was being drafted to request further clarity and urgency in this matter.

The Committee considered the options and sought  ...  view the full minutes text for item 42.


Working Group Updates

To receive updates from any Working Groups


The Chair provided the following updates:

1.     Fireworks working group – following a working group meeting in February 2021, Councillor Dr S Peaple to draft some suggested wording and circulate for comment.

2.     ICT working group – a working group meeting in February 2021 with the Head of ICT had led to some questions being presented to the Head of ICT.

3.     Events working group – following a working group meeting in February 2021, the Chair had some questions to follow up with Officers.


Infrastructure Safety & Growth Scrutiny Committee Work Plan pdf icon PDF 104 KB

(Update and discussion on the Infrastructure Safety & Growth Scrutiny Work Plan)


The Committee received the work plan and updated it as follows:


Infrastructure, Safety and Growth Scrutiny Work Plan

Work Plan 2020 - 2021



25 March 2021

Crime Figures for Tamworth and Community safety

25 March 2021

Modern Slavery

25 March 2021

CIL Spending

Quarterly updates

Future High Street Fund (Growth) – Quarterly updates – starting March 2021

June / July 2021

Consideration of State of Tamworth Debate items

xxx 2021

EV Charging update

xxx 2021

Business Crime Reduction Partnership Update

xxx 2021

E-Scouters and E-Bikes

September 2021

CCTV update

Sept / Oct 2021

Kettlebrook and Bolehall Public Space Protection Orders

xxx 2022

Review of Taxi Licensing Policy – Points System

When clarity on legislation

Fire Safety Update


Working Groups



Possible WG Members

Target IS&G Com meeting date

ICT Strategy




Open to all

June 2021






Upcoming Infrastructure, Safety and Growth Scrutiny Committee Meetings

25th March 2021