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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Committee Room 1 Marmion House, Lichfield Street, Tamworth

Contact: Neighbourhood Services Manager 01827 709585 

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Apologies were received from Councillors R Pritchard, L Bates, B Beale and S Claymore and R Rayson (Staffordshire County Council).


Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 50 KB


The minutes of the meeting held 28 March 2012 were approved and signed as a correct record.


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of Members’ interests (personal and/or personal and   prejudicial) in any matters which are to be considered at this meeting.


When Members are declaring a personal interest or personal and prejudicial interest in respect of which they have dispensation, they should specify the nature of such interest.  Members should leave the room if they have a personal and prejudicial interest in respect of which they do not have a dispensation.


There were no Declarations of Interest.


Staffordshire Joint Parking Board 10th July 2012

Report for information – All Committee Members are asked to note all papers and minutes are available to view on Staffordshire County Council website including the annual report for Tamworth Borough Council,



The reports presented were noted by the Committee.


Mr Barratt reported they were there for record with all items previously discussed at the Local Parking Committee.  Annual reports are available for all Districts.


Progress Report For Civil Parking Enforcement At Tamworth For The 2011/12 Year pdf icon PDF 43 KB

Report of the District Nominated Officer (attached)


Mr Barratt presented the annual progress report on civil enforcement in Tamworth for 2011/12.


The deployed hours in Tamworth for the year are in line with the revised model implemented on 1st April 2011.


The PCN issuance is still dominated by off street enforcement (62%/38%) with deployed hours currently 65% on street and 35% off street.


During 2011/12 the issuance of PCNs on-street was 2310 (20.45% less than the model) with off-street issuance 3767 (plus 4.64% on the model).


This reflects the position across Staffordshire on-street and may be associated with the current economic situation and fewer vehicles on the roads.


The current outturn position deficit for the year is £11,439 against the forecast figure of £9,689 which has been agreed by Staffs County Council who pick up the deficit against the agreement to mitigate losses made.


It is not predicted that the service will become self sufficient in the immediate future with further losses predicted for 2012/13.  Work continues with Staffordshire County Council to address this and will be discussed at future Joint Parking Boards.


Recommendation by Cllr Michael Oates to revise the model for predicted off/on street PCNs within the budget forecast for clarity.  Agreed by Mr Barratt.


Cllr Standen asked for clarification around expected on street PCNs. Mr Barratt explained that these were not targeted quantities, but figures which represented a realistic figure for budget process.


Cllr Thurgood asked for clarification on why a deficit has occurred.  Mr Barratt explained the history of the contract and the process around revising the original model to a more realistic level of enforcement based on real time findings. At this point in time it was not predicted that the contract will become self financing despite efforts to reduce deployment in 2011/12 and beyond.


A discussion took place around levels of deployment and challenges faced.


Cllr Thurgood asked if the Council had considered other options for people to pay for parking to reduce contravention off street. It was proposed to bring issues around ideas for cashless parking and other proposals to the next meeting for discussion.


Update On The Residents Parking Zone - West Street/Albion Street Area

Update report of the Community Highway Liaison Manager (East Staffordshire, Lichfield and Tamworth)


A verbal report was received from Mr Walters regarding the progress of first priority RPZ in Tamworth.


Mr Walters reported that the objection period to the scheme ended on 29th March 2012.


Representations have been received from some residents regarding:-


  • Hours of operation (8am-6pm)
  • Area too restrictive and some compromises have been made
  • Payments – the cost of the scheme will be met by the residents
  • Requests to extend the scheme to other parts of West Street (agreed by the Local Parking Committee at the meeting on 28th  March 2012)
  • Safety in Albion Street with some of the proposals
  • Issues with larger vehicles in bays


The report has considered these issues and Mr Walters will recommend that the scheme goes forward providing it can be self funding.


It had been agreed that further areas of West Street would now be included in the scheme and that depending on the confirmed take up by residents that implementation is planned for April 2013.


Committee members asked for an update on the scheme and the proposed extension. J Sands to circulate.


Mr Walters confirmed that the scheme would provide for at least one space per house (not guaranteed outside of the residents’ home) and that the cost will be confirmed in writing to the Committee at the next meeting.


Concerns were expressed about the knock on effect and move of traffic to other locations. Mr Barratt confirmed that this will be monitored and neighbouring streets/car parks will be reviewed as the situation is known.


Update On The Traffic Regulation Order Programme And New Requests

  • Works completed/in progress
  • Planned and project work


Update report of the Community Highway Liaison Manager (East Staffordshire, Lichfield and Tamworth)


Mr Walters confirmed that four orders had been taken forward for Tamworth:-

  • Summerfield Close/Road Junction
  • Magnus, Wilnecote – restrictions on junction as a result of inconsiderate and dangerous parking around business units
  • Woodhouse Lane, Amington – extension to existing double yellow line restrictions
  • Ventura Park/Fazeley Road – this will be postponed until the additional exit is in place


Update On The Ziggy And Zaggy Campaign At Tamworth Schools

  • Schools completed and planned


Verbal update of the Neighbourhood Services Manager


Campaign continues to roll out as resources permit.


It was understood that the responsibility for road safety and traffic regulation orders remains with the County Council, however, a general discussion took place with regard to ways in which Tamworth Borough Council could work with County on a variety of initiatives including:-

  • Encouraging businesses to be involved in road safety initiatives
  • Exclusion zones for parking around schools
  • Further communication of safe routes to school/safety campaigns
  • Promotion of Safety Town
  • School newsletter articles


These ideas could be developed if resources permit through the Local Parking Committee.


Consideration Of Any New Areas To Be Assessed For The Introduction Of New Traffic Regulation Orders


A discussion took place regarding issues at Clifford Close – this was not taken forward.


Saxon Close, Wilnecote/Heathfields Infant School – concern was expressed about inconsiderate parking with the road being blocked and garages in disrepair or blocked and if further restrictions could be placed here.


Mr Walters confirmed that this would be a process for County Council to look at and would discuss with Ward Member for bringing forward as an additional priority within the divisional highways programme. This would need to be included in the 4 per year allowed and could be made a priority if the Local Parking Committee agreed.


Sharpe Street – issues raised.  It was confirmed that the area was included in beat patterns and this would not be further considered at present.


Spinning School Lane temporary car park – a discussion took place regarding the temporary surface. Tamworth Borough Council manage the area, but the car park is temporary and as such the surface will be monitored and repired, but a temporary surface will not be put down.


Lower Gungate – businesses have requested consideration of removal of disabled bays adjacent to Church Lane and introduction of 30 Minutes waiting bays to aid loading/unloading. Reservations expressed due to availability of 30 minute tariffs to be introduced to car parks. Staffordshire County Council to look at process and advise.


Greenacres Close – area monitored, but no plans to further introduce restrictions.


Date of next meeting


Wednesday 21 November 2012 at 6pm