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Homelessness Strategic Update

Meeting: 16/03/2023 - Cabinet (Item 126)

126 Homelessness Strategic Update pdf icon PDF 566 KB

(Report of the Portfolio Holder for Homelessness Prevention and Social Housing)

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Report of the Portfolio Holder for Homelessness Prevention and Social Housing on the Homelessness Strategic Update 2023,to update and set out achievements to date from the Homelessness  Prevention and Rough Sleeping Strategy 2020 – 2025.


To update on existing approvals for the Council’s SWEP (Severe Weather

Emergency Protocol) and winter relief response.


To propose a Homeless Hub in line with Council’s strategic ambitions.


To update the Council’s new Temporary accommodation charging policy and

framework with effect 1st April 2023 and approve the recommended options.


Approval to write off historic bed and breakfast arrears in line with the temporary accommodation charging policy as detailed in the report.



that Cabinet



acknowledges the strategic achievements progressing the homelessness prevention and rough sleeping strategy.



approved the continued support for the winter relief project and Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) response as set out in the report to cabinet on 11/11/2021



Approved the development of a Homeless Hub in accordance with the principles set out in the report noting Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny considered on the 29/11/2022 and 24/01/2023; and delegated final approval of the Homeless Hub specification for procurement to the        portfolio holder for Homelessness Prevention and Social Housing; and



Approved the updated temporary accommodation charging policy, including, the write off of historic bed and breakfast arrears and the application of recovery of outstanding temporary accommodation debt post 2018 charging in line with the new framework. 


(Moved by Councillor A Farrell and seconded by Councillor S Dolyle)