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Recovery & Reset Arrangements

Meeting: 25/08/2021 - Council (Item 26)

Recovery & Reset Arrangements

(Report of the Leader of the Council)

Additional documents:

  • Restricted enclosure 2
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Report of the Leader of the Council to update Full Council on progress of the Recovery & Reset Programme and to set out the options and assumptions in relation to priority projects   around making best use of our assets, development of the customer service offer and arrangements for smarter working.



That Council approved the following recommendations including 5 recommendations that have been redacted and are set out in the restricted minutes. 



Endorse and include the budgetary requirements, in the budget process



Endorsed and include the compensatory savings, in the budget process



Ensure the programme is completed doing the right thing by the public and staff



Notes Cabinet approval agreed on 29th July 2021



Commence the de-commissioning of Marmion House to realise the draft package of savings detailed in the report estimated at just over £3.5m over 5 years (detailed at section 3.9). 

Subject to section 2.3.



Support further feasibility to realise viable opportunities for the Marmion House site based on place-based outcomes (supported at the Recovery & Reset Consulting cross party group).  Objectives of which are detailed in the report and shown at annex seven; details and decisions on this progress will be reported to Cabinet and relevant committees, as necessary.






Establish and refer to the Town Hall as its municipal headquarters where it will hold its civic and council meetings as required by statute, noting the space limitations given its listed status and as set out in the report. 


Noting that Cabinet will receive two separate reports, one on the required investment costs linked to the capital asset strategy and one linked to the live streaming of council meeting and the Town Hall capabilities.  As a result these costs are outside of the Recovery & Reset figures assumed in this report.



Adopt the principles of SMART working, set out at section 3.8, recognising that this is an enabler to de-commissioning Marmion House and delivering a more tailored customer service offer.  PART REDACTED






Support the development of a vulnerability strategy, with key partners, based on the attached equality and community impact statement and methodology (annex nine), accepting that this aligns with the development of the customer services offer. 



Agree the Stakeholder & Communications Plan summarised in the report and set out at annex five and six detailing the consultative and engagement arrangements with staff, customers, partners, and members






Continue to endorse the programme and project milestones attached at annex one, supporting the Recovery & Reset Boards discussion to remove the Heritage Project as this work is being managed as part of the wider corporate plan.  The highlight reports and timeline are as summarised in the report.






Note the consultation and implementation timeline illustrated in section 11, will be kept under review, and discussed with the Recovery & Reset Board.



(Moved by Councillor J Oates and seconded by Councillor M Bailey)