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Quarter Three 2020/21 Performance Report

Meeting: 18/02/2021 - Cabinet (Item 92)

92 Quarter Three 2020/21 Performance Report pdf icon PDF 122 KB

(Report of the Leader of the Council)

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Cabinet received the Quarter 3 2020/21 performance update and financial Healthcheck. The report had been considered by Corporate Scrutiny Committee at their meeting on 3rd February 2021.  Requests for additional information were made at that meeting and were included at Appendix D.



RESOLVED that Cabinet approved:


  • the contents of this report,
  • the Corporate Scrutiny Committee recommendation that Cabinet be advised of the areas where additional information had been sought by the Committee, in the form of an additional page being added to the report following their meeting.


(Moved by Councillor D Cook and seconded by Councillor S Doyle)


Meeting: 03/02/2021 - Corporate Scrutiny Committee (Item 65)

65 Quarter Three 2020/21 Performance Report pdf icon PDF 119 KB

(Report of the Leader of the Council)

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The Chair welcomed the Executive Director, Finance and the Knowledge, Performance and Insight Coordinator to the meeting for this item which was for the Committee to receive a performance update and financial health check for Quarter 3, prior to the Report of the Leader of the Council being presented to Cabinet at its meeting on 18th February 2021.


Councillor D Cook joined the meeting at 6.15pm.


The Committee sought clarifications in the following areas:

·       Discretionary Housing Benefits – in particular, why the council believed lower levels of claims had been received in Q3 whilst the amounts claimed were higher, and what the effect had been of the Local Housing Allowance on Discretionary Housing Payments. The Executive Directive Finance agreed to provide further detail to the Committee on why the levels were lower and on any effect of the Local Housing Allowance.

·       In terms of the Financial Healthcheck section, questions were raised over the presentation of budget lines by Executive Director and Assistant Director areas.

·       Collection rates and the council’s confidence in these levels and how that is reflected in the MTFS.  The Executive Director, Finance reported that the collection fund had been closely reviewed during January 2021 and all relevant preceptors updated.  It was further reported that an updated version from that provided at the Joint Scrutiny (Budgets) meeting, would be reflected in the Budget report to be considered by full Council on 23 February 2021.  It was expected that the council tax collection fund, on an estimated basis, would declare a surplus for the next financial year, as government rules allowed deficits to be spread over three years.  In terms of business rates collection fund, this was significantly reduced, however, there was significant grant income which partly offset the deficit.

·       The reasons for the burial rates being lower this year, which was understood to be as a result of choice.

·       Clarification over some descriptors used in the report such as “small” for the housing hardship fund.  The Executive Director reported that this was £20,000.

·       Strategies to manage the risks ahead with the potential for the furlough scheme and government grants to be withdrawn and the impacts this could have on the council and local residents. The Leader of the Council responded that these risks were being monitored and that the council provided support to help residents manage debt.  He agreed to provide further details to members as to the specific forms of support available. 

·       How the core spending power information captured council income streams.  The Leader of the Council agreed to circulate the Government produced data to members.

·       In terms of Treasury Management clarification was sought of the interest rate applied to the historic borrowings which were from the Treasury Public Management Loans Board at 4.05% interest, and whether it would be possible for other capital available to the council (potentially form the General Fund) to be utilised. The Executive Director, Finance responded that whilst possible, there would be a premium to be paid in the event  ...  view the full minutes text for item 65