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Decisions published

10/01/2019 - 114 - Grant Agreement Tamworth Samaritans ref: 536    Recommendations Approved

To update on the one year grant awarded to Samaritans which ends on 31st March 2019 and to seek approval for a further grant award to support the sustainability of a Tamworth Branch to provide a range of services for Tamworth residents.

Decision Maker: Executive Director Communities

Decision published: 10/01/2019

Effective from: 10/01/2019



1.    officers be authorised to waive financial regulations and issue a grant to Tamworth Samaritans to the value of £5,000 per year for two years for the period 1st April 2019 – 31st March 2021 to the value of £10,000 with an option to extend for one (1) further successive periods of one (1) year subject to Council requirements, the continuing availability of funding, satisfactory delivery of the Services and the agreement of both Parties.

2.    authority be delegated to the Executive Director of Communities in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Communities to manage the grant including any variations during the term of the grant.


Wards affected: (All Wards);

Lead officer: Karen Clancy