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Schedule of Applications

(Report of the Assistant Director – Growth and Regeneration)


Report of Assistant Director - Growth and Regeneration




Application Number




Erection of 52 dwellings (re-plan of previously approved development 0435/2015]




Anker Valley, Ashby Road, Tamworth




1. Approved subject to the conditions outlined below and the entering into a

suitable Section 106 Agreement in accordance with the requirements outlined

in this report.


2. If the Section 106 Agreement has not been signed before the expiration of

any agreed extension of time then powers are delegated to Officers to refuse

permission based on the unacceptability of the development without the

required contributions and undertakings as outlined in this report.



(Moved by Councillor J Chesworth and seconded by Councillor J Oates)



Issue Papers



Application Ref:





Outline Planning Permission for the demolition of all existing buildings and

construction of up to 1540 dwellings (including a 100 bed extra care home); a

community hub (up to 2250m2 of gross floorspace for Use Class A1-A5, B1B1b,

D1 and D2); a two form entry primary school; the provision of green infrastructure

comprising playing fields and sports pavilion; formal and informal open space;

children's play areas; woodland planting and habitat creation; allotments; walking

and cycling routes and sustainable drainage infrastructure (Cross-boundary

application with North Warwickshire Borough Council).




Land to the East of the Former Tamworth Golf Course Site, North of Tamworth

Road (B5000) and West of the M42




That the Committee noted the item and raised the following issues:



1.   Members are frustrated with the highways position. They questioned the ability of the Borough’s strategic road network road network to absorb further traffic, a new roundabout and traffic lights will not ease congestion and lead to more traffic on Pennine Way and Junction 10. They consider that the proposed highway mitigation within the current application does not fully address the issue. Members indicated the need for mitigation on Pennine Way, A5/M42 junction, Marlborough Way. The current levels of traffic on A5 is such that adding any further is just adding to the problem. Traffic joining the A5 just adds to the problem.



2.   Parking restrictions should be considered as part of the application to ensure that junction and layout don’t create parking problems.


3.   The roundabout would slow traffic down, but does nothing to disperse the amount of traffic created as part of the scheme.


4.   The position of traffic light and roundabout are too close together to be able disperse traffic.


5.   The construction traffic mitigation is an important element of the application.


6.   Generally among members there is a view that the proposal does not adequately deal with insufficient infrastructure.


7.   There needs to be full consideration of the primary school and secondary implications of the scheme, especially with the provision of a primary school on the Tamworth Golf Course site.


8.   Community facilities (doctors surgery, church facilities) should be provided.


9.   Wildlife is a consideration, trees and hedgerows need protection. The impact SSSI, Woodland and biodiversity is a key issue.


10.Affordable housing on the site, how is this shared by each authority? Tamworth BC should be getting nomination right for affordable housing.


11.Concern about the impact of development on the meaningful gap.


12.Pollution, noise levels and air quality were issues that should be considered.


     13.  Previous issues have not been addressed or mitigated and Members would like it noted that that concerns from the first application should apply to this application.  









Application Ref:





Application for the development of land to the north of Coton Lane, Tamworth to

provide 163 dwellings (including the provision of affordable housing and public

open space)




Coton House Farm, Coton Lane, Tamworth




That the Committee noted the item and raised the following issues:


1.    Members expressed concerns regarding the impact on High School provision and local primary schools. 


2.   Footpaths and pedestrian crossings should be provided for access to schools, shops and other facilities.


3.   Concerns about additional traffic roads being unable to cope with the extra traffic and ‘pinch point’ at junction of A513 and Coton Lane. There was concern about the cumulative impact of development. 


4.   Local Plan, Appendix A, originally 77 dwellings were recommended for site but this application is for 163 houses. Is the site able to accommodate an extra 86 dwellings?


     5.    More information requested on Flood risk and   concerns regarding Severn Trent Sewage Works.


6.   Consideration was required in terms of archaeology.


7.   Wildlife consideration was also required.


8.   What provision is made for affordable housing throughout the scheme?



Committee agreed to postpone the Planning training due to take place on Wednesday 27th March to a later date. 



Supporting documents: