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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Committee Room 1, Marmion House, Lichfield Street, Tamworth, B79 7BZ

Contact: Democratic Services 01827 709616 

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Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 251 KB


The Minutes of the previous Infrastructure, Safety and Growth Scrutiny Committee held on the 12th September 2019 were approved and signed as a correct record.


(Moved by Councillor Dr S Peaple and seconded by Councillor A Farrell)



Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of Members’ interests (personal and/or personal and prejudicial) in any matters which are to be considered at this meeting.


When Members are declaring a personal interest or personal and prejudicial interest in respect of which they have dispensation, they should specify the nature of such interest.  Members should leave the room if they have a personal and prejudicial interest in respect of which they do not have a dispensation. 




There were no declarations of interest.



Update from the Chair

To receive an update from the Chair.


There were no additional items which were not covered elsewhere on the agenda.


Responses to Reports of the Infrastructure Safety & Growth Committee

Update on responses received to Reports of the Infrastructure Safety & Growth Committee.


There were no recommendations from this Committee to Cabinet which had not been previously reported on.


Consideration of Matters referred to the Infrastructure Safety & Growth Committee from Cabinet or Council

(Discussion item)


There were no items for this Committee’s consideration.


2019/20 Forward Plan

(Discussion item – link to Forward Plan is attached)



The Chair identified that the Adoption of Proposed Licensing Policy 2020-2023 had been added to the Forward Plan. This was due for consideration by the Licensing Committee, Cabinet and Council by 10 December 2019.  Given the timescales for Council approval, for this Committee to consider the item, an additional Infrastructure Safety & Growth Scrutiny Committee meeting would be required.  The Chair highlighted to the Committee that a potential date for an additional meeting would be Monday 25th November and the Committee supported the Chair in following the procedures to put in place an additional meeting.


The Chair reported that he would request an update from the Portfolio Holder for Heritage and Growth to the Committee on the Future High Street funding arrangements at its December meeting.


It was reported that the West Midlands Combined Authority was working on a region wide Green / Climate Strategy which would have targets for all areas, including Tamworth, and it would appear appropriate for this matter, including the Policy, to be considered by this Committee in due course.  The Committee heard that Staffordshire County Council were also working in this area and this could be fed into any work item.



Waste Management Services Update and Street Cleansing

To receive an update from Councillor J Chesworth, Portfolio Holder for Culture and Operational Services.


The Chair welcomed the Portfolio Holder for Culture and Operational Services, the Chief Executive and the General Manager, Joint Waste Service to the Committee.


The Portfolio Holder reported that background documentation had been circulated to Members in advance of the meeting setting out:

·         An overview of the Government’s National Resources, Waste Strategy and Consultations; and

·         Details of a review of the Joint Waste Management Service with Lichfield District Council.


The Chief Executive highlighted the following points from the Government Consultation documents for the Committee’s consideration:

·         Four consultation documents had been issued in late 2018 regarding consistency of collections, deposit return scheme, extended producer responsibility and a plastics tax;

·         The Government was considering whether to have a mandatory food waste collection form each household;

·         Consideration was also being given to whether green garden waste collections should be free to residents;

·         Consideration was given to the greater separation of dry recycling materials;

·         Whether there should be statutory guidance on minimum service standards;

·         That the implications of the proposals were currently unknown, however, the changes could be a fairly fundamental change and the Government had reassured Local Authorities that there would be additional funding to cover any additional requirements;

·         An environmental bill introductory policy paper had been issued which indicated that environmental principles would be embedded in future policy making with a new direction for resources and waste management to support the economy to become a more circular economy;

·         There was the potential that the recycling market could become more challenging and potentially more costly;

·         The Chief Executive requested that this item remain on the Committee’s work plan.


The Committee noted the update and considered the following issues:

·         The importance of households continuing to reuse / recycle their food waste where possible;

·         Whether the Council could consider recycling metal waste.  The Chief Executive reported that this had been previously considered but had not been considered appropriate at the time;

·         The different initiatives from retailers and others to produce recyclable bags and wrappers for magazines and whether the Council’s current waste service could accommodate the new initiatives.  It was reported that this would be determined by whether the recycling facilities would accept the waste;

·         The drive from the Government to improve the quality of recycling;

·         The Government’s objective to standardise collections and to standardise packaging to simplify the disposal market and the impact this had on the technology used to sort waste;

·         The Government’s objective to recycle food waste via anaerobic digestion in order to address the issue of food waste which appeared to be one of the Government’s clear objectives from its consultations;

·         The economics involved in recycling food waste compared to garden waste;

·         Whether there was any potential for there to be waste solutions working across wider inter-authority arrangements, which could look to the disposal authorities to take a lead role (in our area this was Staffordshire County Council).


The Chair thanked the Portfolio Holder, the Chief Executive and the General Manager for their update.  The Portfolio Holder and General Manager left  ...  view the full minutes text for item 37.


Extension of Public Space Protection Order Access Road to Dosthill Hall pdf icon PDF 134 KB

(The Report of the Assistant Director, Partnerships)

Additional documents:


The Report of the Assistant Director Partnerships to consider extension of the Access Road to Dosthill Hall Public Space Protection Order was introduced by the Leader of the Council.


The Leader reported that this PSPO had been the first PSPO the Council had implemented in 2015 and that it had been incredibly effective. The ability for the Police to utilise the Order to move on any cars parked in the area had meant that there had been no need to issue fines.


The Committee discussed the boundaries of the PSPO and whether consideration had been given to extending the area beyond the layby to the natural boundary of the trees.  Clarification was sought on whether the Borough Wide Vehicle Nuisance 2019 PSPO would be capable of covering the activities targeted by the current PSPO proposal.


Furthermore the Committee requested that consideration be given to the process to be followed to enable this PSPO to be re-adopted, given that its initial three year term had expired.


Having considered the effectiveness of the PSPO to date, the Committee supported in principle the extension of the PSPO for the Access Road to Dosthill Hall. 




That the Committee,



Supported  the readoption of the PSPO


(Moved by Councillor Dr S Peaple and seconded by Councillor A Farrell)




That the Assistant Director Partnerships consult with the Police over whether the area covered by the PSPO was sufficient or  whether an extension to the natural boundary of the trees would be proportionate


(Moved by Councillor S Goodall and seconded by Councillor T Clements)




Anti-Social Behaviour Policy Update pdf icon PDF 370 KB

To receive the presentation provided by the Assistant Director Partnerships and Assistant Director Neighbourhoods to the Health & Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee on 19 September 2019, to which members of this Committee were invited.


The Chair reported that all members had been invited to the 19 September 2019 Health & Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee to receive the Anti-Social Behaviour Policy update.  The Chair reported that he attended that meeting and that the update was informative.


The presentation was attached to this agenda for information.  There were no specific items required to be brought to this Committee however, following discussion at the Health & wellbeing Scrutiny Committee meeting, the Parking Toolkit had been referred to the Chair of the Corporate Scrutiny Committee for further consideration.


Working Group Updates

To receive updates from any Working Groups


The Chair reported that there had been a meeting of the Events working group and some questions had been pulled together which the Chair would be discussing with the relevant Officer and following that he would report back to the Committee.  It was noted that there was newly issued Government guidance on scrutiny best practice and ensuring that potential conflicts of interest were avoided.


The Chair reported that he was still awaiting feedback on comments sought on the taxis and transport issues and would report back to a later meeting on these.


Infrastructure Safety & Growth Scrutiny Committee Work Plan pdf icon PDF 104 KB

(Update and discussion on the Infrastructure Safety & Growth Scrutiny Work Plan)


The Committee considered and discussed the Work Plan which was updated as follows:

Infrastructure, Safety and Growth Scrutiny Work Plan


Work Plan 2019 - 2020



25 November (tbc)

Adoption of Licencing Policy 2020-2023

17 December

Fire Safety update

17 December

Future High Street Funds


Review of taxi evidence


Public Transport and taxis


People Helping People ( Community Safety)

January 2020

CCTV review


Town Centre Growth


Events Offer (possible working group)

March / April 2020

Review of Taxi Licensing Policy – Points System – 12 month review

31 March

Crime Figures for Tamworth and Community safety (tbc) – Annual update - Staffordshire Police to be invited

When clarity on legislation

Fire Safety Update


Review of West Midlands Combined Authority – Green / Climate Strategy – targets and data for Tamworth


Waste Management developments


Castle update




Upcoming Infrastructure, Safety and Growth Scrutiny Committee Meetings

25 November 2019 (to be confirmed)

17 December 2019

28 January 2020

31 March 2020