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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Committee Room 1, Marmion House, Lichfield Street, Tamworth, B79 7BZ

Contact: Democratic Services 01827 709616 

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Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 108 KB


The Minutes of the previous Infrastructure, Safety and Growth Scrutiny Committee held on the 24th June 2019 were approved and signed as a correct record.


(Moved by Councillor R Bilcliff and seconded by Councillor A Farrell)



Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of Members’ interests (personal and/or personal and prejudicial) in any matters which are to be considered at this meeting.


When Members are declaring a personal interest or personal and prejudicial interest in respect of which they have dispensation, they should specify the nature of such interest.  Members should leave the room if they have a personal and prejudicial interest in respect of which they do not have a dispensation. 




There were no declarations of interest.


Update from the Chair

To receive an update from the Chair.


The Chair reported that following the recommendation to Cabinet to invite a representative of Staffordshire Police to provide an update to all Councillors on local crime figures and community safety, he expected that a session would be scheduled for September / October time.


Responses to Reports of the Infrastructure Safety & Growth Committee

Update on responses received to Reports of the Infrastructure Safety & Growth Committee



The Chair reported that Cabinet had received the Committee’s recommendations on the CCTV review and agreed to implement them as closely as possible.


Consideration of Matters referred to the Infrastructure Safety & Growth Committee from Cabinet or Council

(Discussion item)




2019/20 Forward Plan

(Discussion item – link to Forward Plan is attached)



The Committee commented that it could aid the visibility to members if there was a mechanism which could be used to ensure that all scrutiny committees were aware of items from the Forward Plan which were the subject of scrutiny by one of the committees and those items which were not.  The Chair agreed that he would discuss this matter with Democratic Services as to what was feasible and then discuss with the other scrutiny chairs in order to ascertain their views on any possible changes before bringing back an update to this Committee.


Taxi discussion

To consider the available data on taxis


The Chair reported that he had sought evidence through relevant Officers from taxi operators on taxi availability in Tamworth, particularly during unsocial hours.  The evidence he had received was limited.  It was reported that the number of taxis licensed in the area had remained largely consistent over time, however, the anecdotal evidence appeared to be that taxi availability at certain time of the day had diminished.


The Committee expressed its concern that taxi availability at unsocial times of the day appeared to be limited and that this could create issues in terms of supporting the night time economy, community safety and the development of the cultural quarter.  The Chair agreed that further evidence was required to scrutinise this further and that information from a broader group could be sought; including the police, managers of late night establishments, the Chair of Licensing Committee and further taxi operators.



Electric Vehicle Charging

Interim update on Electric Vehicle Charging


The Chair reported that, as the proposed working group had been unable to meet, he had circulated to all Committee members a report on Tamworth Electric Vehicle Charging, which was also made available in the meeting.  This report mapped out the current electric vehicle charging landscape, the grants available to Local Authorities, the potential costs of installation and types of chargepoints.   


The Chair further reported that members had raised potential recommendations to Cabinet which the Committee could consider and discuss.  Copies of these potential draft recommendations were also made available in the meeting.


The Committee considered the report and discussed the following points:


·         The Committee noted that two years ago it had previously considered electric vehicle charging and not made any recommendations to Cabinet, in part because of the evolving nature of the technology.  The Committee considered again whether the technology was sufficiently established and whether it was an appropriate time to make any recommendations.  The progress made by other Councils in this area was considered;

·         The Committee considered whether further work was required by scrutiny before making recommendations to Cabinet, and the extent of this work, or whether making proposals to Cabinet for it to consider further its policy in this area was appropriate at this time.   It was noted that the Committee would be putting forward recommendations for Cabinet consideration and it would be for Cabinet to consider whether further work would be required to progress with any of the recommendations;

·         It was noted that the availability of electric vehicle charging in Tamworth could interact with the availability of taxis, particularly in the future, and therefore also could have an impact on the issues raised in the previous item;

·         Consideration was given to the overall power infrastructure in Tamworth and whether in the longer term the infrastructure would be capable of supporting the move from a carbon based economy to cleaner energy.


RESOLVED that the Committee endorsed the Report from Cllr Goodall on Tamworth Electric Vehicle Charging and made the following recommendations to Cabinet:


1.    in the short term, to install a fast charge unit on a council car park in the Borough.

2.    an infrastructure plan be developed including the following:

·         Identify suitable sites for electric ‘plug-in’ vehicle infrastructure.

·         Explore funding opportunities both nationally such as Department for Transport / Office of Low Emission Vehicles and locally such as local partnerships and organisations. 

·          Work with a range of partners to support the installation of infrastructure.  

·         Build confidence in the technology by providing residents and local businesses with information on electric vehicles and recharging infrastructure. Promote home charging grants to residents.

·         Develop an Action Plan for delivery, review this regularly and report on progress internally and externally.

·         Install a fast charge unit on a council car park in the Borough.

  1. That relevant officers are tasked with submitting a bid to the Office for Low Emission Vehicles for capital funding for an initial 4 charging points (Max grant £30,000 -75%)
  2. That subject to the receipt of a grant,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 18.


Infrastructure Safety & Growth Scrutiny Committee Work Plan pdf icon PDF 53 KB

(Update and discussion on the Infrastructure Safety & Growth Scrutiny Work Plan)


The Committee considered and discussed the Work Plan and agreed to update it as follows:

Infrastructure, Safety and Growth Scrutiny Work Plan

Work Plan 2019 - 2020



September 2019

Review of taxi evidence

September 2019

Waste Management Services Review and Street Cleansing (Partnering)

September 2019

Castle –12 month review

Sept & Dec 2019

Enterprise Centre Update – working group to include SP, PB and SG and others (initial update from Officer(s) in Sept (tbc) followed by further item later in year)


Public Transport and taxis


People Helping People ( Community Safety)


Anti-Social Behaviour Policy update (Joint item with Health & Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee)

January 2020

CCTV review


Town Centre Growth


Events / Leisure Offer (possible working group)

When clarity on new legislation

Fire Safety update

March / April 2020

Review of Taxi Licensing Policy – Points System – 12 month review


Crime Figures for Tamworth and Community safety (tbc) – Annual update - Staffordshire Police to be invited




Upcoming Infrastructure, Safety and Growth Scrutiny Committee Meetings

12 September 2019

22 October 2019

17 December 2019

28 January 2020

31 March 2020